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About Megan, 

Megan McCanse is a Licensed Massage Therapist and  is Board Certified nationally.  She received her Associates in Science in Health and Therapeutic Massage in 2011 in South Bend, Indiana. 

She has worked with a chiropractic office in South Bend and with the University of Notre Dame where she worked with their athletes in many of their departments including football and LaCrosse, and traveled with Women’s Basketball and Women’s and Men's Swimming Teams. She has also worked with some of the top coaches in Division 1 college athletics.  

Precision Chiropractic Massage offers Prenatal, Trigger Point, and clinical massage in  Williston and Burlington Vermont

In addition to working with top level athletes, Megan's Massage Therapy focuses on working with a variety of people including prenatal and children. She often works with other practitioners to collaborate for the health of their patients. Whether you sit at a desk, work on a farm, or are training for a marathon, all are welcome at Precision Massage to receive a knowledgable and healing massage. The clinical massage is one that focuses on the layout of the body and the functional connection of the muscles, trigger points, and scar tissue contributing to the source of the secondary conditions. With her extensive background, she is able to blend the best of various approaches, knowing when to use deep Tissue, relaxation, sports, and therapeutic massage for better function and pain relief. 

Precision Chiropractic Vermont and Massage Therapy offers Pre Natal prenatal, postnatal kids for Pain Relief

Megan works with local businesses, such as dental and accounting firms, doing chair and table massages at their locations. She enjoys educating people on the imprtance and benefits of massage therapy, as well as small changes they can impliment in their work and daily activites to help them feel and perform better.

Megan has a deep knowledge and understanding of the body, the drive to continually learn, and a high level of professionalism. This is what has helped her to grow relationships and a great reputation within the community here in Vermont.

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