Here’s what you can expect

The First Step

It’s pretty simple: we’ll sit down and ask you a few questions about your health, lifestyle and goals. We will then determine if we can help. If we can, we’ll provide you with enough information for you to figure out whether this is a path you are comfortable with.
Information in regards to head or neck trauma, as well as how long symptoms and structural misalignments have been around, will ultimately help us to understand how we can help.

Precision Chiropractic Vermont for  Health and Wellness Care includes a necessary, detailed Examination

Step 2- Finding the Cause

If we find that Precision Chiropractic is the right place for you to be, we will continue with a thorough Structural Chiropractic Examination. We will be looking into the following indicators: High Shoulder, Tilting Hips, Visual lean of the head and/or neck, and other compensations. We will also look at how your brain and nervous system are functioning through a series of neurological-functional examinations. 
If we believe that X-rays are relevant we can take a more in-depth look at the upper neck to determine the true nature of your body's imbalance.
We will then schedule a time for a conference to discuss the results of the exam, outline a customized care plan and go over the costs and payment options associated with the program.

Precision Chiropractic Vermont the Doctor Explains the imaging and her Cause of Neck Pain, Headaches, and  Upper Cervical Spine

Step 3- The Care

Typically, when we find that NUCCA is a good fit for patients, we aim to correct the misalignment and balance your structure as quickly as possible.  Often we are able to make a significant shift with the first correction and will use the first few weeks of follow up to help us determine the likelihood of success. Although recommendations for care will be more specific to the individual nature of your situation, we find that misalignment affects the muscular system in such a way that we will both probably know that things are changing within the first 3-4 weeks.  
We’ll be able to see the changes and measure the improvement in your body’s positioning, and you’ll likely be able to feel the difference as the stabilizing muscles of the spine begin to balance out.
The long term goal of course is to create a stable environment so that months and years from now you’re able to get back to your regular life but have the confidence that your spine and structure are stable and you’re not slipping back into misalignment.

This will vary from person to person, depending on the results of your Structural Chiropractic Exam and what you will need for Corrective Care. This is the beginning of your journey to improved overall health and wellness.

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