What is Meniere's Disease?

There is no accepted standard as to what is the cause of Meniere’s disease. Currently one theory is an abnormal amount of fluid in the inner ear. Usually when the diagnosis is given to a patient, it is termed as “Idiopathic”. (Idiopathic = Unknown Cause) (1)
When a patients is given the diagnosis of Meneire's, the most common combination of symptoms are: (2)

Precision Chiropractic's structural corrective chiropractic care and Bikram Yoga, a healing combination!

Being really stiff is not only uncomfortable, it’s also no bueno for the health of your joints and your brain! 

Directions to Precision Chiropractic from Burlington and Beyond

As we have patients coming from throughout Vermont, New York, Maine, and all over the North East for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, we wanted to put the directions all in one place so folks do not have to go searching. 

What is Infant Torticollis and how do I help my baby? Infant Torticollis can be scary for new parents, and stressful on a child’s health. 

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