Living with Multiple Sclerosis is not easy, and finding help can be even more difficult.

A study was published in the Annals of Italian Chiropractic showing the outcome of Multiple Scleorsis with Upper Cervical structural correction of the Atlas Displacement Complex. (1) 


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From the Abstract:"The aim of the study is to evaluate the clinical and X-ray results of the Upper Cervical Chiropractic care through the specific adjustments (corrections) of C1-C2 on patients with chronic venous cerebral-spinal insufficiency (CCSVI) and multiple sclerosis (MS)." 

 Study: A total of 77 patients who had been diagnosed with MS were examined for atlas displacement complex and CCSVI. Post X-rays to show structural realignment, a questionairre around symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and a disability index were all used to measure the improvement of the patients. 

 RESULTS: Improvements were significant in all three perameters. Reduction of the Atlas Displacement Complex and the patient’s subjective improvements were most significant. 

Cognitive Improvement: 59.5%

Motor Improvement: 35.3%

Perceptive Improvement: 78%

 Although these are impressive findings, and significant improvements for patients with MS, the study does have a few shortcomings. I agree with the authors when they state: "We believe that the Upper Cervical correction on C1-C2 could be the main non-invasive treatment of the CCSVI mechanical type in patients with MS. Further studies are required to evaluate the correlation between the Upper Cervical Chiropractic correction on C1-C2 on the cerebral venous drainage and the cerebro-spinal fluid.”

 In 2016, a case study was published by NUCCA showing improvement under Upper Cervical Chiropractic care following NUCCA protocol.

Her initial* complaints included: Numbness, Neck Pain, Tinnitus, Right knee pain, fatigue and balance problems. 

*It is important to note that her health history showed previous car accidents.

 After 6 weeks, her improvement in secondary conditions were: 

Neck Pain: 80%

Numbness: 60%

Fatigue: 60%

Balance: 50%

After 4 months the neck pain, numbness and balance had all improved by 90%.

Additionally, other researchers have been looking into the role and correlation between trauma of the cranio-cervical Junction, altered CSF hydrodynamics, and the  development of Multiple Sclerosis. (This includes research around CSF Flow and Migraine Headaches, Post Concussion Syndrome, and neuro degnerative diseases)

This dynamic was previously discussed in another blog about the connection between the Atlas Displacement Complex and Cerebro Spinal Fluid Hydrodynamics, specifically highlighting the work of Dr. Scott Rosa showing improvement in CSF flow after atlas correction

While more research is needed, and on much larger scales, it is good to see information being published that matches what I see with MS patients here at Precision. 

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This is not to say that i can (nor will) say that what I do “cures” Multiple Sclerosis, nor any of the other conditions being connected to altered CSF flow and the ADC. Each person’s experience and healing process is different. While I do enjoy seeing significant improvement in a few weeks, the reality is that some folks take more time to heal, and others do not see as much improvement as we would like. 

MS is complicated, can be debilitating, and is extremely challenging. There is a necessary nutritional component that needs to be addressed to give the body what it needs and work with the inflammation that may be a huge contributing factor. Quite often, there is an autoimmune piece of the puzzle as well. 

Several Years ago, Montell Williams shared his his journey with MS and his experience and changes with Upper Cervical Chiropractic. (It can be watched by clicking HERE). 

As I stated earlier, there is no known “Cure” for MS. I do know that regardless of the stage, patients do better with the spine aligned than with it misaligned. I see patients be able to play with their kids again, go on hikes, and live their lives after having their atlas aligned, and keeping it aligned is where the continual improvement tends to be experienced.

One reason I switched from doing conventional chiropractic to Upper Cervical structural correction is the true depth of healing that takes place when the CCJ is corrected, allowed to fortify, and kept corrected over time.  

I know living with Multiple Sclerosis is more than a challenge, as is living with other chronic pain syndromes. I will always offer a consultation, and if i believe i can help you, a way for your body to function better. 

Dr. Andrew McCanse practices at Precision Chiropractic in Williston, VT.  Precision is an upper cervical chiropractic office with a focus on structural correction and the CCJ, serving Burlington area, Northern Vermont, and the North East.  

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