There is a Normal structure of the spine, this typically has a "C" curve in the neck and in the lower part of the back when looking at a person from the side. From the front, the spine is normally straight.

Normal Structure of the Spine for Optimal Function  through structural chiropractic in Vermont

There are times, however, when the structure of the spine shifts away from normal, and a person can develop abnormal curves in their spine (Think of an "S" shaped spine when looking at it from the back). This can happen because of a large fall or accident or multiple smaller traumas over time.

A new study put out by the NIH (National Institute of Health) is showing a connection between scoliosis and CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) Flow. (1.)

A new study showing potential causes of Scoliosis in Fish

From the study: "Scoliosis is known to be highly prevalent in people with several health conditions associated with obstructed CSF flow... They also suggests it would be useful to re-examine CSF flow in children with scoliosis."

The flow of CSF is affected by a structural shift of the CranioCervical Junction (Upper Cervical). (2) This has connections to Migraines, MS, nerual degeneration, and other secondary conditions. Specific, Image-Guided correction of the CCJ can restore normal flow and results in more optimal function of the body.

Understanding Structural Chiropractic

There are multiple potential causes of scoliosis (and other secondary conditions). However, checking to see if structural correction Chiropractic is part of the solution is something that can prevent continued deterioration of the structure of the spine.

1. Scoliosis Traced to Problems in Spinal Fluid Flow Posted on July 7, 2016 by Dr. Francis Collins

2. The Craniocervical Syndrome and MRI: "The Craniocervical Junction: Observations regarding the Relationship between Misalignment, Obstruction of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow, Cerebellar Tonsillar Ectopia, and Image-Guided Correction"
Rosa S. Baird J.W.
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