How does exercise benefit and support your brain both short and long term? Dr. Ally dives into the many benefits exercise has on your brain and then discusses the best recommendations for putting it to good use!

The Healing Brain Series

Dr. Ally introduces "The Healing Brain"- a mini series of videos that will take a deep dive into how to take care of your brain so you can help it heal and function better! We need our brains in top shape right now and we have it within our power to help them to be the best they can be.

Could the car accident you had 15 years ago have anything to do with your diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease? Research shows a very strong connection. 

What is Meniere's Disease?

There is no accepted standard as to what is the cause of Meniere’s disease. Currently one theory is an abnormal amount of fluid in the inner ear. Usually when the diagnosis is given to a patient, it is termed as “Idiopathic”. (Idiopathic = Unknown Cause) (1)
When a patients is given the diagnosis of Meneire's, the most common combination of symptoms are: (2)

Living with Multiple Sclerosis is not easy, and finding help can be even more difficult.

A study was published in the Annals of Italian Chiropractic showing the outcome of Multiple Scleorsis with Upper Cervical structural correction of the Atlas Displacement Complex. (1)