Dr. Allison of Precision Chiropractic Vermont performing Neuro Structural Integration with Cranio Sacral

Dr. Allison Bogan's unique focus combines several approaches to offer Neuro-Structural Integration here in Vermont. 

Dr. Bogan’s foundational approach to working with the body is through a tonal chiropractic technique called Bio-Geometric Integration. This approach uses gentle contacts (which means there are no cracking, popping or twisting maneuvers) on the body to help release areas of stored tension and stress to help the nervous system function more optimally. Bio-Geometric Integration is effective at helping the body heal from both physical and emotional traumas and stressors. Dr. Bogan further incorporates osteopathic techniques such as visceral (organ) and nerve manipulation to gently and specifically address restrictions found in these areas. Gentle cranial work is also frequently employed. Combined, these manual therapies affect the body deeply and assist the body’s healing forces already at work. When the body is no longer bound by restriction it can move with greater ease, readily adapt to its environment, and thus have a greater expression of health.

Dr. Allison of Precision Chiropractic Vermont doing Neuro Structural Integration, which is  gentle for Kids and pediatrics

Everything in your body is connected and is in relationship; how one part or system functions affects the function of everything else. Dr. Bogan honors and utilizes this connection and these relationships within the body to help it make changes and heal.

Dr. Bogan cares for the body in its entirety to help you in becoming a more integrated whole- structurally, neurologically and emotionally.

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