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Salutogenesis looks at how individuals can create, enhance and improve health.  

Join us for a fun and supportive community that focuses on strategies, environments and lifestyle choices that empower individuals to experience the full spectrum of life.

Sprout events aim to equip parents and parents-to be with the knowledge, tools and resources to optimize the health of their families. It's about learning and building strategies that allow for your body and mind to know health as a natural state.

All events, unless otherwise specified, will be held at Precision Chiropractic (Williston, Vermont). Join us when you can, bring a friend and leave with more tools and resources to help you and your family create higher levels of health and well-being. 

Most of the events are free to attend and you do not need to RSVP. Events that do require registration/admission fee will be clearly stated.

Upcoming Events:

Fall Schedule:



November 8th- Mindful Parenting, 6:00 PM

Beth Martell will be joining us to talk about Mindful Parenting. Topics that will be dicussed are how your state of mind affects your child and your parenting, what mindfulness is and how to practice it and how to nurture your growth alongside your child's. Is your relationship with your child not where you want it but don't know how to change it or where to start? Do you want a deeper connection to not only your child, but to yourself? This talk will get things moving in the right direction for you and your family! Beth will give us tools that we can begin using immediately in all our our relationships. 

Beth is a certified relationship coach, a yoga teacher, a youth counselor at Woodside Juvenile Center and a mother of twin boys! She also has been a licensed professional educator for 26 years. She brings so much passion, and compassion, to her work. ‚Äč

*There are no planned events in December for Sprout. We hope everyone enjoys their holiday season! Events will resume in January. Check back for updates!

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