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Dr. Allison Bogan attended Life Chiropractic College West in California where she received her doctorate degree in chiropractic, graduated Magna Cum Lauda, and received the Life Chiropractic College West Clinic Excellence Award.  

Dr. Bogan’s main focus is pregnancy, pediatrics, and neurodevelopmental disorders and providing the unique care that these populations require.  Dr. Bogan recognizes that the foundations of optimal health and wellbeing of a child begins in the womb. It is this deep connection between the experiences and health of the mother, as well as the growing fetus, during pregnancy and the individual birth outcomes that can set the stage both physically and emotionally for that child for years to come. Dr. Bogan is passionate about and dedicated to helping her patients experience a more empowered pregnancy and a safe, straight forward birth. Dr. Bogan has extensive post-doctorate education and training in prenatal and pediatric care and is certified in The Webster Technique.

She is an active member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and Women's Business Owners Network. (WBON)  She has also started SPROUT, a group for parents and parents-to-be to learn valuable ways to live life with a salutogenic approach. 



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Dr. Andrew McCanse received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. He practiced in Peru, South America for three years where he worked in and managed clinics around the country including Tarapoto, Tacna, Arequipa, and Sicuani.
Dr. Andrew focuses on helping people recover their health and optimal function. One of a the few doctors trained in the NUCCA protocol for structural correction, he is able to focus on image-guided structural correction of the Atlas Displacement Complex and helping people find solutions and relief to problems such as PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome), Chronic Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Neck Pain, Movement Disorders, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue. 

Within the community, he is involved in:
- Burlington Rotary Club (Service Above Self
- Leadership Champlain Class of 2017
- Williston Area Business Association
- Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce

Professional Memberships
Delta Collaboration (Focusing on Advanced Diagnostics, Imaging and Research)
-Internation Chiropractic Association Council of Upper Cervical Care
- NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association)
- The Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology
- Delta Sigma Chi International Chiropractic Fraternity

He and his partner Dr. Allison Bogan made the decision to put down roots here in Vermont in order to bring Structural Chiropractic spinal care and the opportunity for greater health and life to Vermonters and the Northeast.

Together, they established Precision Chiropractic in Williston, Vermont where they provide Structural Correction chiropractic care to patients, teach educational classes, and empower individuals and families to attain greater levels of health, wellness, and expression of life.

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Their vision is of a healthy, vibrant, connected community full of individuals and families living, healing and growing together… a place where each person is living to their utmost innate potential and is inspired to share their unique gifts. It is a world full of folks living with purpose, peace and ease.