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The Consultation Process

People often comment about how our consultation is different than their past experiences with conventional chiropractors. The difference is that we want to know you and you need to know us before making any major decisions about your health. Make Sense?

Our consultation is a simple, friendly conversation. During the first part of this conversation, you will get the opportunity to tell us about what brought you in and what concerns you have. Wether you are seeking a solution to neck pain, chronic migraines, or have a complicated health history, we want to understand what you have gone through and where you would like to go. In the second part we will provide you with as much understanding as we can relative to your health challenges. And finally, during the last part of the consultation, we will have an opportunity to tell you what we do and what sets us apart from the large community of conventional chiropractors in the area. Only when we both agree that you are in the right place will we discuss the process and what the next step will be.

Precision Chiropractic Vermont offers a Consultation to explain the difference at Precision for health and Neck Pain solution

We love opportunities to talk about health. It’s true. That’s why there is no charge for your initial consultation. Using one-on-one interaction, we help determine the cause of your health concerns, and apply our years of practice and expertise to offer honest advice on the best course of action. We will let you know if Structural Correction at Precision Chiropractic is right for you, and we will most certainly let you know if it is not. If we are not the right fit, we will do our best to find someone who can help you.

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