The Healing Brain Series

Dr. Ally introduces "The Healing Brain"- a mini series of videos that will take a deep dive into how to take care of your brain so you can help it heal and function better! We need our brains in top shape right now and we have it within our power to help them to be the best they can be.

Our brains need some serious TLC! 
Anyone feeling like the wiring in their brains are experiencing some major short circuiting or close to blowing a fuse? 
Many of us are used to running at full tilt, drawing every bit of energy that we can through our circuit was unsustainable to begin with, and now with the state of the world as it is, the amount of information and sensory stimulation our brains have to process and integrate has hit new levels. 

Dr. Ally will be covering topics ranging from exercise, sleep, diet/nutrition, mental health, gut health and toxins in relation to brain health. Want to learn how to best take care of your brain, how to help it heal and function at its best? Then tune in!   Videos will be posted to our facebook page, they are completely free and serve to be a source of information and inspiration. Feel free share them with anyone who you feel that they could help.   Watch the video to learn more!

When we talk about healing and taking care of our brains, we also have to talk about committing to self care and self compassion. Healing the brain takes committing every day to certain choices, to being kind to ourselves if and when we fall short or meet a limitation we cannot go beyond yet. As we look at the many different aspects of our lives that effect brain health, we will most likely find areas that aren't going to be as easy to change or create new habits around right away. When we know better, we can do better...and we need to still take it choice by choice, day by day...and most importantly, be kind to ourselves in the process. By choosing to actively heal one part of ourselves, we automatically/naturally set the stage for other parts of ourselves and our lives to heal as well.  

The Healing Brain Series: Additional Videos

The Healing Brain Series: Introduction
The Healing Brain Series: Episode 1- Brain & Exercise
The Healing Brain Series: Episode 2- Sleep and the Brain 

The first video of the series is already posted to our facebook page- we dive into Exercise and the Brain! Exercise is one of the most transformative practices you can do to benefit your brain...find out why and how with Dr. Ally.

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If you have a specific topic you want covered, or have questions relating to brain health- email us! We are here to support your healing, your growth and your well being. 
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